encouraging words


" We had a great time with Karen, the class size was optimal (3 couples) which meant lots of interaction with teacher. Karen was excellent in leading the class on Van Gogh with interesting stories to match the art piece. She provided instant feedback to help us improve our piece; it was a lot of fun!"

 Pramod Joshi


"I took my husband out on a different kind of date when we attended a couples paint party at Karen’s studio recently.  We both enjoyed the experience tremendously!

I was amazed to see what we could do and I loved seeing how everyone’s art was unique to their own style, while copying the example art.  Highly recommended!!!!!"

 Cindy Penick


"Loved, loved, loved this class! I hadn't painted anything in years (except walls and I don't  mean murals). Karen made the class fun as well as educational. She explained  step by step exactly what to do and why. She gave us background  about the artist and time period we were painting. Karen was very encouraging  and helpful as we were working on our own "masterpiece". I felt I learned and accomplished  much in just a few hours. I'll definitely be back! A very fun time."

 Lynne Newland