Karen Gooding Haub: Artist’s statement

I am a Southern California mixed media artist drawn to representations of the earth’s natural elements. I work with encaustic medium, a mixture of beeswax and tree resin that lends a richness and layered depth of color to my work. This medium interprets my vision of ethereal atmosphere and dreamy, surreal landscapes in a more authentic way than any other I have ever experienced. Because encaustic medium is constantly transforming and changing in unpredictable ways, painting with heat and air turbulence requires me to be fully present in every moment of creation. I allow my work to reveal itself as I respond to the turbulence created by heat and air flow. My work is a tribute to nature and to the rare beauty of unspoiled land, forest preserves, state parks, and undeveloped land of California. 


Karen Gooding Haub has sold award winning work throughout local galleries and venues in Southern California including Guild Venue 100 in Cardiff, Ashton Gallery in North Park where she won a “Best in Show” Award, and Glenn Dallas Gallery in Santa Barbara. Karen is a featured artist at Saatchi’s Online Gallery and her work has sold to art collectors in North America, Australia, and Europe as well as to interior designers throughout the United States. Inquiries about art work, please contact Karen Haub at karenahaub@gmail.com.


Video footage from former studio in San Diego, Ca.




Santa Barbara, California



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