artist statement

 I celebrate the heroic themes of courage and peace, drawing inspiration from history, mythology, legends and lore. Recently, the idea of "light bearers" is of particular interest to me. I see light bearers as spiritual beings (earthly or heavenly) who bring peace, light and love into the world. My landscapes are painted from memory and have an ethereal, dreamy quality. They play out the story of peace and hope with the depiction of hope as a glowing light in water or sky.

my mission statement

My mission as a teacher is to encourage and inspire my students on their artistic journey in a friendly, supportive, and fun environment. I offer a variety of friendly, and inspiring workshops and classes where both established and aspiring artists can come together, shake the dust off of everyday life, and exercise their creative voice. 

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control." 

Karen Haub Fine Art | | 12285 World Trade Dr. #H, San Diego, CA 92128